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Searching for a great character voice for your next animation or video game? Want to bump your commercial game up a notch with a youthful adult male voice-over? Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Micah Smith, a full-time Voice Actor. It's nice to meet you! My natural speaking voice has been described as Youthful and Professional. I provide clients with top-notch, broadcast-ready production quality, which I can offer from my Home Studio setup. The full specs for my home studio are a
Whisper Room Vocal Booth, Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface, Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone, and the Reaper Digital Audio Workspace.

Speaking of the Home Studio I work out of, I also provide my clients with a stellar 24-hour turnaround for any project. I not only specialize in speed, but quality as well. Since the equipment I use is industry-level and professional, you never have to worry about the quality of your audio. In other words, you won't have to settle for muffled, over-processed, low-quality audio.

I am swift, yet thorough with the productions I work on, and whether it be Animation, Games, Movies, TV, Radio, or anything in between, I'd be happy to be the voice of your next production!


If you'd like to contact me, my most reliable method of communication is through e-mail. You can also use the "Contact Me" Form below. I'll provide you with a custom audition and a quote for your project so we can get started right away!


"Micah is an exceptional voice actor. He is highly professional and talented at his craft. Files arrived ahead of schedule with high marks in quality and organization. It is a pleasure working with Micah."

- Wolf White


Know me from YouTube/Social Media?

Check out my latest Short here!

As a voice actor, I find it fun to parody things or add my own twist to things I see around the internet. The playlist you see here, (not available on mobile) is a culmination of every short I've made thus far. If you're here from my social media channels, I'd like to welcome you! If you're here for a professional voiceover hopefully you'll get a laugh out of some of the things I make. Regardless, Let's get to work on your next project, whether it be a parody or not!

Contact Me

Reach out for a custom audition and a quote for your next project, along with availability and general rates.

I look forward to working with you!

Boom. Consider yourself heard! I'll be sure to reply within 24-48 hours!

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